Freshers' Week Programme for 2019

Hello and welcome to my latest article for the Politics and IR Society Blog. I hope you have all had a fantastic summer holiday! As a society, we would like to say welcome to all new students, and welcome back to all returning students. Here is a quick update about the events we will be holding during Freshers’ Week and shortly afterwards.

Tomorrow, we will be promoting our society at the Freshers’ Fayre at the marquee on the King’s Pitches. At our stall, we will help to inform new students about our society, including what interests us and what you can look forward to as members. We will be happy to address any questions that you may have.

Following this, on Thursday the 5th of September, we will be proudly hosting our Information Session and Cheese and Wine Evening. Our Information Session will begin at room NK1 in New Kings at about 17.00, where we will formally introduce ourselves and cover our programme for the academic year, including the trips that we will be organising in the winter and in the spring. Following this, at around 18.00, we will welcome you to join us for a selection of complimentary cheese and wine. We all look forward to seeing you there and hope that you have a great time!

Lastly, we hope that you join us for our Come As Your Country Pub Crawl on the 10th of September, which will take us to a variety of bars, starting from 19.30 at the Vodka Revolution on Belmont Street, before ending the night at the Bridge Street Social Club. As it is country-themed, we hope that you represent your nation well dress-wise on the evening!

That is it for now. I hope you have found this information helpful, and we look forward to seeing you all at our events soon. Enjoy your Freshers’ Week!