The Politics and International Relations Society is one of the most recognisable on campus. We have helped organise some of the biggest student-run events at the University of Aberdeen and were winners of the Society of the Year Award for three consecutive years.


our mission

We aim to spread political awareness across campus and to get students involved in politics and student life through engaging social and academic events, workshops, and politically focused trips.


who we are

AUSA Politics and International Relations Society is a student based society affiliated with the Aberdeen University Students' Association. Over the past few years we have organised many diverse events ranging from political debates to lectures and talks with a great variety of guest speakers. In addition to organising entertaining academic and social events for our members, we organise international politically focused trips.

Whether you are a politics student or not, joining the society - one of the biggest on campus - is a great way to meet and interact with people who, among other things, have interest in how the world is run and know to always make time for some relaxed fun with the PIR family.

Getting involved is just the first easy step.


What we've done recently

  • We hosted the first Soul for Europe forum in the United Kingdom

  • We held our annual PIR Ball

  • We made a trip to Ottawa and Montreal

  • We made a trip to Warsaw and Gdansk

  • We continued fundraising to support our partner charity Mental Health Aberdeen

  • We hosted events with the Anthropology, Sociology, History, Nordic, and Polish Societies

  • We co-hosted local politicians and students for a Brexit talk with the 1989 Initiative

  • We helped organise the inaugural School of Social Science Spring Ball